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dotwav – spyfi goodness from the pencil of Mike A. Lancaster.


So look, I have this little book I’d like to share with you all. Of course by ‘little’ I mean 100.000 words; and by ‘you all’ I mean ‘the whole darned world’.  It’s crazy cool and packed full of shiny new things, some of which are so shiny that even I can only look at them through the kind of smoked glass you use for looking at eclipses.

It comes out in September, and it’s been a heckuva journey getting here, I can tell you. It has switched publishers –but luckily retained the same superb editor, please take a bow Alison Weiss at Sky Pony Press, without whom this book would probably never have come to light– and it has had two very different design schemes (the Sky Pony one is so awesome that it might technically have to be classed as a weapon of mass distraction).

It’s getting some good early reviews (this one at Kirkus gives me tingles), and I’ve just finished the follow-up, so I think it’s time to start trumpeting its arrival with a series of blog posts that will try to explain just how this book came to be: what it’s made from; how I got the idea; how I planned, wrote and executed it; along with some insights into its journey from typescript to published book.

As I said it’s been a heckuva journey, and I’ll try to map some its progress for you, just so you can understand it when I say: this book is very important to me, and I really want  it to be important to you, too.

Catch you soon.

Oh, and keep reading.